Gift Wrapping Service

Wrap it up!

We offer a wide variety of gift wrapping services.

  • When shopping on our web store, select the gift wrap option on the product you wish to purchase.                          
  • We offer complimentary gift wrapping when you shop at our brick and mortar location.                                  
  • Having a party? Need favors? We do that too.  Whether we supply the favors or you do, we'll wrap them.
  • Need to send a basket or two or three or thirty?  We're here to help. 
  • Bought a gift elsewhere but need some help wrapping it? No problem, we'll be glad to help you out.                          

Event Welcome Bags

Baby 'Gift Basket'

Party Favors

A Gift from Elsewhere

Step 1: bring in your gift(s)

We will use our fancy formula to determine how much it will cost. FYI, gifts you buy from us include complimentary gift wrapping.

Step 2: approve the charge

If you approve the charge, expect to drop off your gift(s) and we will wrap them as soon as possible.  If the sun, moon and stars are aligned correctly, we just might be able to wrap your gift(s) while you wait...just don't plan on it.

Step 3: pick up

We'll give you a call as soon as your gift(s) are ready.  You can come pick them up or we can have them couriered to you.  Asks us about this service for pricing.

Gift Baskets & Welcome Bags

Step 1: choose your vessel

Even before choosing your vessel you'll want to determine your budget. Ask yourself if the vessel is the main gift or is everything inside the vessel the primary gift?  Vessel options are only limited by our creativity, however, this will also help determine your budget.

Cosmetic Bag


Baby's First Chair

Step 2: fill your vessel

What kind of 'basket' are we making?  Is it for a baby gift, house warming, a feel good gift, a birthday, etc. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll help put together an amazing, thought filled gift. 

Step 3: picked up or shipped

We need to determine if your 'basket' is being picked up or if you need it shipped or couriered.  If you need to ship or courier your 'basket' we will factor the cost into your total.


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