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Great Gift Ideas Gift Guide - Graduation & Teachers 2018

Desktop Pad

Great for the note taker or doodler. Has a steel slider to help tear notes and conserve paper.

Morph Pads

These unique pads look great and keeps

creativity flowing.

Motto Pencils

Let the start of their story begin with a motto pencil.

Notebooks & Journals

Everyone could use some inspiration while capturing the days thoughts.


Inspirational, motivational and aspirational paperweights that look amazing on any desk.


These notepads have a crystal and come in a tray that can be used as a catch all.

Grub Mug

Perfect for singles, students, basement dwellers in need of a meal in a minute (or three) 

Buddha Board

Paint with water. No mess and disappears when it

dries. Help them find their happy place.

Stress Relief

Everyone gets stressed out. Especially students and teachers. Help them find some relief.

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