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It's Never Too Late!

As a kid I was no doubt a full-fledged tomboy.  I was always outside on my bike, skateboard or roller skates (yea, I know, I just aged myself..oh well).  The one place you would NEVER find me was inside playing with dolls or doing anything that might be considered "girly."  Throughout my teenage and young adult years I continued my passion for sports and being outdoors.  I indulged my inner "woman" but oh so subtly.

Fast forwarding a bit...I always thought that when it was time to start a family I would for sure only have boys.  I could relate to boys, girls, not so much.  The thought of having a little girl utterly terrified me.  Then it happened...the doctor said, "congratulations, you're having a girl!" OMG! What was I going to do with a girl!?  After the initial freak out, I said to myself, "you can do this..everything is going to be ok."  I began to embrace the fact that I was going to have a beautiful baby girl real soon. I did my best to avoid pink but it was inevitable that pink was going to happen.  That was the first big change I saw in myself.  I couldn't believe it...I was ok with pink and even found myself buying her little pink outfits.

But what happened next was totally unexpected.

My husband and I decided that we needed to move her into a larger bedroom.  We were just running out of needed to happen.  Through the design process I found myself becoming mesmerized with fairies and unicorns.  I think my husband was even getting a little concerned because it is SO not like me. But, I wanted to create a space for my daughter that would inspire her to use her imagination and be creative.  I found myself enjoying the process and really getting in touch with the little "girly" girl that I really never was.

When I came across this product called The Magical Door I thought, "what a great way to inspire kids to use their imaginations and creativity."  It seems like everything these days is electronic and it's refreshing to see a product that helps children get in touch with their inner selves.  They can play by themselves, with siblings, friends or parents.  And I know what you're thinking, "but fairies are for girls." Well, not these fairies.  There are fairies for boys and for girls.  Check them out on our website.  Here is a link to the page they're on.


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