Apsara Set

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Gift set handcrafted in Nepal with vegetable leather purse lined with linen, adorned with a cut out brass element. The set includes a matching brass pendant mounted on a suede cord and inside the purse is a Daphne paper notebook. 9 diligent hands and 9 different skills were needed in making this set of matching accessories, uniting different Nepalese artisan traditions. Traditional Daphne paper is handmade using the Himalayan Daphne shrub. The purse is made of an innovative material, vegetable leather, with its leather-like qualities, although it is produced with the same Daphne fibers. The intricate brass pendant has been hand-chiseled by the Newari silversmiths of the valley of Kathmandu, renowned for their fine craftsmanship. Dimensions: Overall - 9" x 7.7" and Purse - 6.3" X 4.3". 40 sheets of natural color Daphne Paper.

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