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Giving Heart Pillow

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 You don’t share your heart with just anyone… It’s a precious gift that you offer to say: I’m thinking of you, I’m sorry you are hurting, I’m proud of you, or I’m right here cheering you on! Even when we aren’t together. The Giving Heart features incredibly soft knitted yarn and stress- relieving weight for the most comforting hug! It's sumptuously soft and soothing - like a warm hug - making it a wonderful gift for any loved one and let someone know you care. a bookmark featuring a thoughtful message of encouragement. The Giving Collection is a specialty line of products designed for softness and warmth. Each item makes a great gift for someone who needs a hug, a cuddle, or just a kind gesture. However, you'll probably end up spoiling yourself with these cozy creations as well. 

Materials: polyester, nylon, acrylic and cotton. Dimensions: 11"w x 2"d x 10"l Available in Pink, Taupe, and Cream

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Giving Heart Pillow
Giving Heart Pillow