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Lingerie Polkadot Organizing Bag

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This lingerie bag is a favorite as a constant travel companion. The Polkadot Lingerie bag protect your delicates from getting ripped or lost in your suitcase.

The lingerie bag is also a cute and stylish way to separate your underwear at home. So whether you are organizing your home or going traveling, this bag will serve you well!

Travel bag in natural cotton with black print of Lingerie. Perfect to keep your suitcase or closet organized! Black grosgrain ribbon. This bag has a bottom and a handle.

12.75" high x 12.5" wide.

Happy organizing!

Ships folded.


Bag-all's Gift Bags, Tote Bags, Organizing Bags and Travel Bags should be hand washed or machine washed on a cold, gentle setting. All bags should air dry flat and be ironed on low heat on the opposite side of the print. DO NOT tumble dry the bags as they are in 100% cotton and will shrink.

The print is water based as it is less chemical and easier on the environment. This means that the print will fade slightly after washes. The bags eventually become super soft and vintage looking.

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Lingerie Polkadot Organizing Bag
Lingerie Polkadot Organizing Bag