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Mini Protection Ritual Kit

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Protect, purify, and exorcise unwanted negativity in your home, office, studio space, or your person with this handmade energy protection kit.


This kit comes with:

Cedar leaves for healing, luck, and protection

Black tourmaline or obsidian for grounding, protection, and banishing negativity

One or two quartz crystals (depending on size/ weight) for additional purifying and healing

Black candle for exorcising evil, protecting against negativity and loss

California white sage sprig for purification and cleansing. Cultivated sustainably from private land.

Holy palo santo wood from South America for sealing in good energies and welcoming positivity. Our palo santo is harvested from naturally fallen branches in Ecuador.


Every delicate article in the kit is packaged inside a pillow box, and included is detailed information on how to use each piece effectively, and instructions for a simple, personal ritual. A great gift for yourself or loved ones.


* Please note that because of the natural variations that make up the items in this kit, the items you receive will look similar, but not exactly, as shown. Substitutes may be added based on availability. All our natural items are sourced responsibly from it's place or people of origin.

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Mini Protection Ritual Kit