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Romance Wish Capsules

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These metal capsules are less than 1 inch in size and are perfect for stowing away wishes, dreams, hopes and goals where you or your recipient will see them frequently. Hide them in your dresser drawer, lunch box, in a shoe, keep in your purse ...Wish Capsules are great for love notes. They're also great for writing special notes and wishes to the happy couple at weddings! Wish Capsules add a fun & intriguing element to any gathering. Holiday vintage letterpress image packaging brings an extra element of play! Inspired by vials worn by carrier pigeons to relay secret messages. Fill them with special notes and hide them, send them in the mail, use them for geocaching (a high-tech treasure hunting game), or just write special notes and hand them out as party favors to guests. Includes 1 Wish Capsule packaged individually with vintage romance letterpress images.

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Romance Wish Capsules