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Never be without your reading glasses again. They “stick anywhere… go everywhere” reading glasses! No bulky glasses to carry. Sticks on your phone, tablet, laptop or fits in your wallet, purse, or pocket!


Free replacement glasses… forever!


ThinOptics reading glasses are extremely comfortable to wear because they weigh less than a nickel and they put only gentle pressure on the sides of the nose.


ThinOptics™ reading glasses are made from thermo-injection molded optical grade polycarbonate, which is shatter proof and frequently used in safety and ballistic (bullet proof) eyewear. The bridge is made from Nitinol, which is 10x more elastic than spring steel. The Nitinol bridge is encased in medical grade silicon tubing, and anchored in the injection molded polycarbonate frame.


ThinOptics reading glasses have been designed to fit the vast majority of noses. They can be positioned higher up the nose to fit right in front of the eyes. For those with smaller or flatter bridges, they can be positioned to fit right above the nostrils. Hundreds of different combinations of nose pad angles and widths were tested to arrive at the optimal design for the majority of noses.


Under reading conditions ThinOptics reading glasses will remain in place. For many people, they will stay on for long periods of reading. The highly elastic bridge exerts a slight amount of pressure to keep the readers in place. They also use grip-sensitive paper on the nose pad contact area to prevent pads from sliding forward or slipping off. 


Covers +2.00 - also fits +1.75 to +2.25 Covers +2.25 to +2.75

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Clear Glasses w/ Rose Gold Metal Case
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