Tiny Gem Air Plant Holder

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A tiny one for sure, this itty bitty air plant haven is handcrafted from salvaged wood with tiny, gem-like facets. Each one is hand sanded so there are no two alike. An adorable pop of wild for a desk, window sill, shelf, table, anywhere really. They look great by themselves or with several grouped together.

Includes tiny air plant, which may vary. Wood color and grain will vary slightly.


Size: approximately 1.5”l x 1.25”w x 1”h but will slightly vary


Care instructions: 

YES, THEY LIVE OFF THE AIR BUT YES, THEY STILL NEED CARE... Air plants get all of their nutrients from the air but they do still require an occasional watering. Here are some helpful tips to keep your air plant thriving. Light: Bright, indirect light is best. Watering: There are several different ways to water an air plant, spray/spritz, run under the sink for 5-10 seconds and the soak method. And how much watering your air plant needs can vary on the humidity of your home or office and where it’s place. For example, you may need to water more frequently if it’s close to a window and/or air vent. Or, you may need to water less frequently if your plant is in a bathroom. The recommended method: Soaking. About once a week or so, soak plant(s) in a bowl/cup of water for about 20-30 minutes. Remove from bath and shake upside down for a second or two. Allow to dry completely, upside down is best, for a few hours before placing plant back in its haven.

When soaking or watering keep plant out of holder to prevent it from rotting.

Temperature: They like to stay at a cozy 60-90 degrees.

Quantity must be 1 or more

Tiny Gem Air Plant Holder
Sky Blue
Bright Pink
Coral Pink
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Tiny Gem Air Plant Holder
Tiny Gem Air Plant Holder